5301 W 16th St | Indianapolis, IN 46224
June 21 - 22, 2024

Sign-up Sheets

Kids Games

Kids games are back for the first time since….2019…and we need volunteers of almost all ages to help make them a success. We’ll have some classics – Ring Toss, Whiffle Ball Toss, Putt-Putt, and Plinko. And some new ones – Duck Pond, Fishing Pond, Racing, and Floaters.  Game “winnings” will be paid out in tickets,…
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Table Cleaning

Clear trash and sanitize dining tables in the Indoor Dining Room and in the Parking Lot. This is a fun and fast-paced role for people of almost any age. Parents: sign-up your kids for an evening!

Hospitality & Guest Services

Serve as a helpful resource to our guests during the event, while also enforcing policies and safety.  We need people with great customer service skills to help our guests find their way around campus, answer their questions, and assist with navigating those with disabilities to our elevators.  We also need a few people to direct…
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Fish Prep Wednesday

Thaw, separate, batter, bread, portion, and freeze about 1 ton of Cod the Wednesday of Festival Week.  It takes a lot of people. The major process is from 2pm until about 7pm, then cleanup. Great activity for families and other big groups – it’s a big social event in the bus garage.  We need people…
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These are the unsung heroes of the Festival.  We go through a lot of dishes making and serving all the food during the event, and we need help washing them all.  Although it’s primarily a standing job, the perks are that it’s downstairs in the air conditioned school kitchen and we have a commercial ware…
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No matter what your skills are, join us in the air conditioned kitchen – the central hub for all of our famous food. Tasks include baking, cooking, heating, packaging, and portioning. This is the heart of our food operations, and will be a complete supply chain for getting ready-to-sell food distributed to all of our…
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Carry Out

Dish up food, assemble orders, and hand them to customers in our Carry Out dining location. These positions will work in the bus garage at the west end of the main parking lot.  As of May 10, 2024, most shifts have been filled except for a few extra sets of hands needed during the busy…
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Lemon Shake-Ups

Shake up our deliciously famous Lemon Shake-Ups while enjoying the live bands in the main parking lot. Volunteers will mix and measure ingredients, shake them up in a martini shaker, and serve them to customers. This booth is outdoors but is covered by a 10′ x 10′ tent, right in the middle of all the…
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Snack Stand

Join the PTP in selling popcorn, sno-cones, chips, candy, and more from the Snack Trailer.  You’ll be right in the middle of the action in the main parking lot, right next to the live bands.

Drive Thru

Drive Thru Runners will assemble food and drink orders in the garage and deliver them to drive thru customers in the parking lot north of the garage.  This is a fast-paced role for energetic people of any age. Wear comfortable shoes and have fun setting land-speed records.  Shifts are broken down into 1-hour increments, but…
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Casino Cafe

Serve food and drinks to our casino patrons. It’s indoors and very well air conditioned. Sitting and standing/walking positions are available. You must be at least 18 years old because the Casino Cafe is within the charity gaming area. To serve alcohol, you must have a valid Volunteer Employee Permit from the Indiana Alcohol and…
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Dessert Room

We have a variety of shifts and roles available, but none of them are bad because they all are around delicious desserts the whole time. Day Before Prep: We need help prepping the Dessert Room, pre-labeling containers, cutting desserts, and tidying up Cut & Package: Cut desserts, put them in the proper labeled containers, and…
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Fish Wrapping

Sit around a table in the shaded garage, have great conversation, all while wrapping a few thousand fish sandwiches that get served to our guests. This is a very simple seated task, right in the middle of all the action in the fish frying/carry-out dining location.

Daytime Loaders & Stockers

Great opportunity for teens to help stock, load, and move food and paper products to their various serving locations around campus.

Daytime Food Prep

Help us prepare all the delicious food we sell at the Festival. We need lots of help in the air-conditioned kitchen for a variety of roles, including cutting, chopping, mixing, scooping, dishwashing, and cleaning up.  Most of these tasks can be done while sitting down, in the air conditioning!

Indoor Serving Line

Help us maintain the quick-moving food lines we’ve created during the past couple of events. We need energetic people to be: Expediters – a fast-paced role that receives the order ticket, assembles the to-go bag of food, and hands it to the Order Fulfiller. This role involves mostly standing and walking and is well-suited for…
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From shuffling cards to dealing cards, there’s a volunteer opportunity for everyone 18 and older in the St. Chris Casino. It’s indoors and very well air conditioned. We have sitting and standing positions available. Join us in one of the most exciting areas of the festival.


Use our Square Point of Sale technology to ring up customers’ food and beverage orders in our Indoor Dining Room, Carry Out, and Drive Thru locations.  Drive Thru cashiers will be standing and walking. Dining Room and Carry Out cashiers will be sitting.

Grounds Setup

Setup tables, chairs, and tents around the campus. This occurs at 6:00pm on Tuesday night of Festival Week.