5301 W 16th St | Indianapolis, IN 46224
June 21 - 22, 2024

Casino Cafe

Serve food and drinks to our casino patrons. It’s indoors and very well air conditioned. Sitting and standing/walking positions are available. You must be at least 18 years old because the Casino Cafe is within the charity gaming area. To serve alcohol, you must have a valid Volunteer Employee Permit from the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.

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Select Task(s)PositionWhenName
Select Task(s)PositionWhenName
Friday, June 21
Food Order Takers 5-11pmJune 21, 2024#1:
Alcohol Permit Holder 5-11pmJune 21, 2024#1:
Supply Runner 5-11pmJune 21, 2024#1:
Saturday, June 22
Food Order Takers 5-11pmJune 22, 2024#1:
Alcohol Permit Holder 5-11pmJune 22, 2024#1:
Supply Runner 5-11pmJune 22, 2024#1: