5301 W 16th St | Indianapolis, IN 46224
June 23 - 24, 2023

Who makes all of your food?

We do (well, most of it)! It’s quite a chore to prepare thousands of pounds of Cod and hundreds of pounds of pork barbecue and Coney sauce – but we’ve been pulling it off for over 80 years.

Our process is quite impressive, and is accomplished in compliance with the Indiana Department of Health.

The barbecue and Coney sauce is made just prior to festival, in two days! We start by slow-cooking the pork loins, then we hand-pull all 200 pounds of it. Other volunteers are mixing giant vats of our secret homemade barbecue sauce and Coney sauce on the stoves. The pork and sauce is combined and hand-mixed, with a couple secret ingredients, and then it is all deep-frozen until it’s time to serve.

We kick up our baked beans with some more secret ingredients; we hand-stuff every last deviled egg; our macaroni and cheese is baked each morning; and our fruit pies and cakes are baked in-house!

Don’t tell anyone, but our delicious cream pies come from Gray Bros Cafeteria in Mooresville, Indiana. Can’t beat ’em!