5301 W 16th St | Indianapolis, IN 46224
June 20 - 21, 2025

Casino Cafe Menu

Offerings and prices are subject to change at any time, and without notice.

Fish SandwichOver 1/3 lb of our famous hand-breaded Cod on a white bun.$8.00
Corn DogA hot dog on a stick, battered and fried to a golden brown.$2.00
Hot DogAn all-beef frank on a white bun. Condiment packets are available.$2.50
Mac-n-CheeseThick and creamy Mac-n-Cheese (and yes, of course we make it with Velveeta!)$3.00
Slice of Pistachio CakeA hearty slice of Mrs. Clark's infamous house made pistachio cake. If you're watching your A1c, you might want to skip this (or share, we won't tell your doctor).$5.00
Assorted ChipsIndividual bags of snack chips.$1.25
Assorted CandyIndividual snack portions of candy.$1.50
PopcornFreshly popped and generously salted.$1.00
Budweiser16oz Can$5.00
Michelob Ultra16oz Can$5.00


Coke12 oz Can$1.00
Diet Coke12 oz Can$1.00
Sprite12 oz Can$1.00
Bottled Water16.9 oz Bottle$1.00